Star Wars Lightsaber Forge Mandalorian Masterworks Set Review

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Editor's Review

We have covered other offerings in the Lightsaber forge series before, but never before have we seen such an expansive set of options all in one set. In the set are 6 separate parts all with their own distinct sculpt, color and character. The kyber crystal segment has space for 2 AAA batteries, which you will need to provide yourself, as they are not included. Every other part is a reference to the Mandalorian show, at various parts. The vibroblade comes molded in a safe, flexible, rubbery plastic, but still manages to exude a frosty metallic sheen. The iconic forked end of the phase pulse blaster introduces a bold russet color to the mix, and the dark saber handle is emblazoned with the Clan Mudhorn symbol and its unique diagonal crossguard. The darksaber blade is partly translucent to show the lights when you press the button with batteries installed. Like other lightsaber forge toys, the blade cannot fully retract, but we are used to it by now. Plus, the darksaber while translucent, retains a good bit of opacity such that it looks solid and part of the handle when in another mode. The famed forge connection points work as smoothly as ever, limiting you only by your imagination.

Mandalorian Masterworks Lightsaber Forge

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Should I get it?

This particular lightsaber forge set is the best bang for your buck. It comes with a bunch of different parts and very high replay value as a result. If you’re going to get a lightsaber forge set, get this one!


  • The sculpts are diverse and clean.
  • It comes with a light and sound feature.
  • There are a bunch of different configurations you can make, thanks to the high part count.


  • The not fully retractable lightsaber (although it blends in better with the rest of the set in other modes this time, which we appreciate.)
  • No included batteries. 

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