Spy Labs Spy Location Tracker and Forensic Investigation Kit Review

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Editor's Review

Wannabe spies need the latest in spy technology, and that’s what kids get with new Spy Labs kits. 

Forensic Investigation Kit introduces kids to forensic science. Kids will make secret ink, reveal clues with UV light, mark paper money, authenticate an old book, analyze acids and bases, identify mysterious powders, lift fingerprints, take soil samples, analyze handwriting, and watch how color climbs. The instruction booklet does a good job explaining real-world applications, as well as creating a story about new spy recruits for kids to read as they go through it. The kit includes a lab station, tool holder, filter paper, fingerprint powder, pH test strips, lab equipment, a lab report pad, a UV flashlight, and horse chestnut bark. You will need one AAA battery for the flashlight, not included, as well as other items from home to complete some of the experiments. Those items are italicized in the tools list for each experiment. 

With the Spy Location Tracker, kids will learn how bats locate obstacles and food using ultrasonic waves. There are two tools in this kit: a transmitter and a detector. Hide the transmitter, and then see if another detective can find it using the detector. The detector’s LED display will help direct where to go. Use this kit to play hide and seek or organize a treasure hunt. Just don’t use the transmitter near pets as many animals can hear ultrasound. You will need two AAA batteries and two AA batteries, which are not included.

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These kits will be fun for kids who like playing detective and spy. Through the roleplay, kids are actually learning science concepts, and these make learning about science fun.


Multiple experiments & ways to play
Introduces real-world applications
Encourage roleplay
Make science learning fun


Batteries are not included

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