Rainbow Princess, Race Car, Turbo Commander Robot Wearable Blankets Review

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Editor's Review

Keep yourself warm and look like a princess or robot while doing it with Blankie Tails. These are wearable blankets with photo real designs of a princess dress, a race car, and a robot on them. All kids ages 3 and up have to do is step into the blanket and relax. (Don’t walk around in these. It could result in slipping and falling.) The blankets fit kids up to five feet tall. Each one measures between 55 and 57 inches long and 23 to 37 inches wide, depending on the design. But they are all really soft with really cool looks. The Rainbow Princess design even has glitter. And they’re machine washable.

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These soft blankets will be really fun for kids who like princesses, cars, and robots. It’s almost like kids get to transform themselves into that character when they put on these blankets. Now, these are not for walking around the house and roleplay, but they are something fun to keep kids warm and cozy while watching TV on the couch or snuggling up in bed. And it’s so much easier to stay warm when you’re wearing the blanket.


Fun designs
Really soft
Kids will like pretending to be what’s on the blanket



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