Spy Labs Cryptic Puzzle Safe and Spy Walkie Talkies Review

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Editor's Review

Spy Labs Walkie Talkies are compact and light, with a simple but pleasing black and blue color scheme. Each one comes with a belt clip and a loop if you wish to attach a lanyard. Scrounge up 6 AAA batteries (3 for each) to get started. Change the channel using the middle button, speak to your walkie talkie buddy using the lower right button, and signal them with a short musical ring with the upper right button. The standard volume is a bit quiet, which makes sense for stealth reasons, but there is no option to make it louder due to the absence of a volume slider. It is also equipped with a small flashlight for night time missions. It’s not the brightest light in the world, but it is better than pitch darkness!


The Cryptic Puzzle Safe Comes with the safe itself and a master key to unlock it, regardless of the password. The instructions teach you how to disassemble the safe, customize your passcode, and rebuild it. The number sleeves are made of paper, so it’s a good idea to be careful when changing the passcode. There are some plastic flash marks from the manufacturing process, which, on their own wouldn’t be a the biggest deal, but they do somewhat line up when the safe is in the solved position. Other than that, the puzzle is well made and rotates well. Leave your secret notes with peace of mind. Another cool bonus is that the instructions teach you about ciphers, very neat!

Cryptic Puzzle Safe

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Should I get it?

These Spy Labs offerings are sure to scratch the itch of any young and intrepid spy. Each have certain flaws that would stand out to a profession level intelligence operative, but they will not at all be dealbreakers for the age group they’re aimed for.


  • The walkie talkies are lightweight and have simple, responsive controls.
  • The Cryptic Puzzle Safe is easy to customize, and rotates well once built. 


  • The walkie talkies do not include batteries.
  • There is no volume slider, and the flashlight is relatively dim.
  • The Puzzle Safe has some plastic flash marks that, left unaddressed, help give away the right combination to unsportsmanlike safe-crackers.

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