Ghostbusters Squash & Squeeze Slimer, Track & Trap Ecto-1, and Zap & Blast Toy Blaster Review

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Editor's Review

It’s not a party until Slimer arrives! The Squash and Squeeze Slimer looks amazing, with a very detailed and grotesque sculpt which brings the silly little guy to life (well, even though he’s a ghost.) Slimer’s arms can be posed to make him even more expressive, but the main gimmick is his ability to squash and make noises! Squeeze Slimer to make him squash and make one of many, many horrible and hilarious noises! Pull down on his jaw to hear even more! His teeth are made of a firmer plastic than his body, further adding to the delightful creepiness of it all.


The Track & Trap Ecto-1 requires a small bit of assembly out of the box, and the application of a few stickers. Once finished, it does look pretty nice. The sculpt is more detailed than the paint apps, but for a toy of this kind, it looks quite good. It rolls very smoothly on its wheels, and sports a number of cool features. The ghost trapping drone has spinning propellers and can store atop the Ecto-1. The trunk can fold out to reveal the back storage area, and the side doors open to deploy a seat with a detachable blaster. If you have any Hasbro Ghostbusters figures, (sold separately), you can plug them into the blasting seat. Last but not least, the Ecto-1 comes with a rubbery Slimer which can stretch and squash like only a being of ectoplasm can.


Last up let’s give the Zap & Blast Proton Blaster a look. The iconic ghostbusting tool has been translated into toy form with great success! Sculpt wise, it has all of the iconic elements like the vent, hand grips, diodes, and switches (that you can actually flip!) Press the button up top to change the blaster setting, and pull the trigger on the hand grip to fire off the blaster. The multicolored lights blend super well together and look mesmerizing through the slotted pipe. It also comes with a clear soft plastic effect part that plugs into the barrel and conducts the light nicely. As great as this thing is, we don’t think there is a way to turn it off besides not touching it for a bit.


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Should I get it?

No matter what you like, there’s something here for you! Kids and adults alike will enjoy the endless novelty of the Squash & Squeeze Slimer, and action figure enthusiasts will get a kick out of the Ecto-1, which feels all the more complete with a driver in the seat. The Zap & Blast Proton Blaster is a great stepping stone on the road to the Hasbro Pulse Neutrona Wand. We recommend any of them!


  • All three have very detailed, sharp sculpts.
  • Slimer is blast to play with thanks to the articulated arms and plethora of expressive sounds.
  • The Proton Blaster can cycle through multiple modes with different sounds and lights.
  • The Ecto-1 sports a nice amount of play features, and rolls smooth as butter.
  • Batteries are included with Slimer and the Proton Blaster! 


  • There’s a lack of smaller paint detail on Ecto-1, and no included figures.
  • No on/off switch on the Proton Blaster.

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