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Editor's Review

Create beautiful works of art with the Spirograph Mandala Maker. This arts and crafts kit lets you make classic Spirograph designs with the added bonus of stencils for tracing Mandala patterns around your design.

The kit comes with everything you need to get started, including a Spirograph Mandala Maker frame, two stencil discs, six Spirograph wheels, 40 paper sheets, five pens, and an idea guide.

Insert a piece of paper into the back of the frame. You can also use cardstock or a canvas. Then choose one of four ways to draw. You can place a stencil inside the frame and draw with a Spirograph wheel inside the disc’s center ring. You can also draw with a Spirograph wheel inside the disc’s edge ring. Or remove the stencil and draw with a Spirograph wheel inside the large frame ring. If you bring back a stencil, you can trace the stencil shapes.

For kids who want to create Mandala patterns with the stencils, you’ll click your chosen stencil disc into slot number 1 on the frame. Trace any shape, then lift and rotate the stencil to the next peg until it clicks into place. Trace that same shape. Continue lifting, rotating, and tracing until you’ve made your way around the whole frame. 

The instructions also offer more specific advice for how to draw with the wheels, what the markings mean, and how to create specific designs. There are also suggestions for using other materials to create works of art.

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There’s really no right or wrong way to use this arts and crafts kit. Some kids might want to follow the instructions exactly to create specific designs, while others will just have fun experimenting with the Spirograph wheels and adding stencil designs wherever they want. This is a nice update to the classic Spirograph toy that inspires a lot of creativity. 


Kit comes with everything you need
4 ways to create
Instructions inspire kids
Encourages a lot of creativity



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