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Editor's Review

You can make a puzzle out of any image over and over again with Puzzle Face. The same 300 pieces can be rearranged to change your puzzle image. Make a puzzle of your face, your friend’s face, your pet, and more. To start, scan the QR code to download the free app. In the app, you’ll upload a portrait and adjust the photo if needed. The app will then give you a puzzle key that matches up to symbols on the back of each puzzle piece. You’ll assemble the puzzle from the back following the placement of the pieces as shown in the key. When you’re done, flip it over – the pieces do a good job of staying together during this step, unlike with other puzzles – and check out your work. Viewing the face on your puzzle works best if you aren’t standing too close to it. Keep your finished puzzle for display or take it apart, upload a new photo, and puzzle again.

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This is a really unique puzzling experience that makes a fun group activity for ages 8 and up. We like that no matter what portrait you upload, you can make a puzzle out of it! And you can keep making new puzzle portraits using the same 300 pieces. Just look at the large number on the bottom of the box to see just how many combinations these puzzle pieces can make.


Turns any photo into a puzzle
Use the same 300 pieces to make different puzzles
Pieces stay together well
Unique puzzling experience



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