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Editor's Review

You might have heard of paper, but have you ever heard of Playper? PlayperBoard is the innovative new building material from Playper, and you can build with it in the Curious Kingdom kit. This eco-friendly, 100-percent plastic-free material contains no toxic materials or dyes. 

Build the 15-piece Curious Kingdom playset, along with figures of King Ketchup and Queen Alpha, Snuffles the dragon, The Knight of Never-Ever, Ollie the ogre, and Princess Petunia. This is a two-story castle with a working drawbridge, seven fun characters, and additional accessories. The pieces are very sturdy, although not tear-proof. Be careful inserting tabs, especially on parts that fold. Kids will need adult assistance to assemble this. However, there are Fix-It Shop bandage stickers if your playset needs a repair.

There are also AR-enhanced stickers to decorate the castle. With adult assistance, kids can scan these stickers into the free Playper app and bring the playset to life on the screen. The app also includes learning games and stories that cover topics such as counting, shapes, sequencing, color recognition, and more.

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This is a cute playset that will inspire imaginative play. We like the sturdy feel of the pieces. With figures and accessories, kids can play out all sorts of stories as soon as they open the box and build the Curious Kingdom world. The app is a nice addition, and kids will certainly like seeing the playset come to life, however, there’s a lot of play with just the playset itself if you don’t want to use the app. 


Pieces have sturdy feel
Made from an eco-friendly material
Free app for more play
Inspires imaginative play



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