Pix Brix Bob Ross, Starry Night, Dark Palette Construction Sets Review

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Editor's Review

Build really cool art with Pix Brix! This pixel art puzzle brick allows builders to create 2-D pixel art and 3-D builds with only one unique patented piece design. You don’t need a base plate, water, an iron, or glue to stick these pieces together. 

What can you make with Pix Brix? How about a pixelated Bob Ross displayed inside a plastic paint bucket? The instructions for the Bob Ross kit show you how to slide and stack the pieces to create a little Bob holding a paint palette and paintbrush. The packaging doesn’t say how many pieces it comes with.

The Starry Night Pixel Puzzle set comes with 2,408 pieces for building a pixelated version of Vincent Van Gogh’s famous painting. You can build with your fingers or use the included PB tool to help you out. This one might take some time to build, but instructions are included.

And then there’s the 3,000-piece Dark Palette set. With this one, you can build pretty much whatever you want, building by hand or with the included PB tool. Keep the 12 different colors organized inside the container, which has a buildable lid, and use the instruction booklet to jumpstart your creativity.

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Should I get it?

Overall, building with Pix Brix is pretty easy, as long as you have patience. We tried building by hand and with the PB tool and didn’t find one to be easier than the other. It’ll come down to personal preference and whether or not the kit you purchased comes with a tool. Some of the picture instructions could have been clearer, not all of the pieces easily slid or stacked together, and removing pieces was difficult. It’s something that you kind of have to get the hang of. But once you see the cool pixelated art that you’ve created, you’ll be pleased that you stuck with it.


Different themed kits
Build by hand or with the tool
New way to build


Instructions are not always clear
Learning curve to get started

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