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Editor's Review

If a pie in the face is too messy for you, how about a splash of water? Pie Face Splash is an outdoor version of Hasbro’s Pie Face that uses water instead of whipped cream to surprise an unsuspecting player. It comes with a sprinkler unit, a waterproof spinner, and a hose adapter, which you may or may not need. You’ll need a large area in your backyard that is free from obstacles. Attach a hose to the sprinkler unit and set the pump nozzle to the “ready to play” position. Position the spinner close by and turn on the hose. Players take turns spinning the spinner and pumping the handle the number of times shown. If you don’t get splashed, you earn a point for each pump. If you do get splashed, you don’t score any points. Reset the nozzle and keep going. The first player to 21 points or the last player to stay dry wins the game.

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This game is easy to set up and learn, and kids will love the surprise of the water spraying up. Just make sure your face isn’t directly on top of the sprayer. If you were a fan of the original Pie Face, then you’ll love this outdoor version. It gets kids having fun outside, and it’s a great way to cool down on a hot day.


Easy to set up
Outdoor fun
Surprise of the water spraying up
Keeps kids cool on a hot day



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