NightBall Volleyball Review

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Editor's Review

Just because the sun goes down doesn’t mean your volleyball game has to end! Keep playing with the light-up Tangle NightBall Volleyball. Its two super bright LEDs have long-life batteries to keep the glow going. The lights are auto-activated, meaning every time you bump, set, or spike, the lights will come on and stay on for about five seconds. The ball does need to be inflated, and a pump is not included. It’s also a water-resistant ball, so you can use it to play volleyball at the beach. Even though it is an official volleyball size, it has a different feel to it than a traditional volleyball. It’s available in teal, orange, or white. 

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Should I get it?

This is a really cool-looking ball that will be fun to play with during the day and as the sun sets. It’s got a nice glow in the dark, it’s an official volleyball size, and it’s great for active play.


Nice glow

Official volleyball size

Play during the day or at night

Great for active play


Needs to be inflated out of the box

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