Monopoly: Star Wars Boba Fett Edition Game Review

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Editor's Review

If you enjoy Monopoly, you’ll enjoy the Boba Fett Edition. This is essentially Monopoly with a cosmetic Star Wars overhaul. Paper money is emblazoned with the Fett’s crest, Houses and Hotels are replaced with Sigils and Skulls respectively, the board spaces feature characters from the Star Wars pantheon, rather than real estate, and player pieces are cardboard cutouts of Boba from both the past and present. Community and Chance spaces have been replaced with Pursuit Craft and Bounty Hunter spaces, and by extension, the cards as well.

As mentioned, if you know Monopoly, there is literally nothing new here. Collect as many matching color spaces as possible to charge more and more money from other players. Be the last player with money to win the game! The painterly portraits of each character on the game board are very well done and nice to look at. They are reminiscent of images you’d see on the cover of Star Wars side novels, and we mean that as a total compliment. If you don’t already have a copy of this classic game, and you’re a Star Wars fan, definitely pick this up!

Monopoly: Star Wars Boba Fett Edition Game

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Monopoly is fun, and so is this! Star Wars fans will get an extra kick out of the celebratory decor.

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