Monkie Kid’s Team Van Set Review

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Editor's Review

The Team Van is 1406 pieces and will take you several hours (or more than likely a couple afternoons) to build. The set is relatively compact, but it has a whopping amount of small detail. Before we lose the forest for the trees though, let’s talk about overall presentation. We can’t think of a better word to encapsulate this set than “fun”. The van’s super saturated colors make it instantly eye-catching, and it’s covered with visual bibs and bobs which overload your eyes in the best way. You’re not sure what to look at first!

Starting with the main van, this could be a knockout set all on its own. It has opening doors, an adjustable spoiler, and a removable roof to better appreciate the interior features. There are plenty of seats to sit your numerous minifigures, a weapon rack, a fold out back door with a hidden go-cart, and a deployable turret cannon that can also be piloted by a minifig. Even the dashboard has tons of knick knacks. We could be here all day at this rate, so let’s move on to the other layers. The storage crates have plenty to love on the outside, with a pool and garden on top, scaffolding on the side, signage, barbecue, and more, but the inside is even more mind-blowing. Open at the seam to go into a cross-section display mode. There’s an entire decked out arcade, a kitchen, and a hoverbike workshop. While it is a bit tight, there is room to pose minifigures in here!

Speaking of, with this set you get Monkie Kid, Mei, Sandy, Mo, Pigsy, and the villainous Rumble and Savage. Rumble and Savage get their own attack vehicle but, c’mon guys, you can’t compete with the dream team van! Stack the crates on the van to combine them into the ultimate tandem vehicle! Open Mo’s face and turn the paws to fire the included missiles. This set has it all!

Monkie Kid Team Van

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Should I get it?

Yes! 100%. This set is pure creativity and fun incarnate. Tons of play and display option, a vivid visual style and lots of minifigs make this set a must-have.


  • The presentation is absurdly cool and fun.
  • There are multiple display options.
  • There are tons of play features.
  • You get 6 character minifigs, plus a cat, for a total of 7.
  • Despite the precarious looking tandem form, it holds together super solidly.


  • None!

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