May Contain Butts and Burger Balance Games Review

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Editor's Review

Get ready for some super silly games from Professor Puzzle Games. Both May Contain Butts and Burger Balance will be fun to play at your next family game night.

May Contain Butts does indeed contain butts, and the goal is to match the front of an animal to its butt. Take turns flipping a card from your draw pile and placing it around the poop patch in four piles. If the front and butt of the same animal ever appear face up at the same time, it’s a match! The first person to smash their hands on both of the matching cards adds all the cards from those piles to their draw pile. If a card is played with a poop on it, all players must smash their hand down on the poop patch. If you’re the first to do it, you add any poop patch cards to your draw pile. If you’re the last to smash, you lose three cards from your draw pile. Some of the cards might also have action symbols, triggering players to make animal noises (and win or lose cards, depending on how quickly you make the noise) or flip their draw piles to the opposite side. (Cards are double-sided.) The game ends once one player runs out of cards. The player with the most cards wins. You can play the game with two to six players ages 6 and up. The game includes 64 game cards, a poop patch, and instructions.

Burger Balance is a game of balance where players stack ingredients to see how big and unstable their burger can get. The centerpiece of the game is a wooden ketchup bottle and the bottom bun piece gets placed on top. The top bun and all the burger filling pieces (bacon, lettuce, pickles, cheese, tomato, meat) get scattered across the playing surface. It’s recommended that you start making a 12-layer stack, however, you can choose how many layers you want to stack before you start playing. How do you know what pieces to stack? Roll the die. Match the color of the die to the color of a filling piece and carefully use one hand to place that piece on the stack. Play continues until you’ve reached your final filling layer, and then the top bun gets placed on top. But the game’s not over yet! Now it’s time to “stack out”. This means you continue rolling the die and placing matching filling pieces on the edges of the filling pieces that are in between the buns. If pieces fall during your turn, you must replace double the number that fell. If four or more pieces fall during your turn, then you’re out. The last player standing is the winner. Or the player who causes the entire burger to fall ends the game and loses. For a more challenging game, check out the Wacky Stack instructions. You can play this game with two or more players ages 6 and up. The game includes a wooden ketchup bottle, two wooden burger buns, 36 wooden burger fillings, a die, and instructions.

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Both of these games are funny and fun to play. We like the cute animal illustrations on the May Contain Butts cards and the quality wooden pieces in Burger Balance. Both games are easy to learn but require some skill – visual acuity and speed for May Contain Butts and strategy and steady hands for Burger Balance. Either one would be fun to play at your next family game night.


Pros (May Contain Butts)

Easy to learn

Action symbols and poop change up the gameplay

Animal illustrations are cute

Fun for the whole family

Pros (Burger Balance)

Wooden game pieces

Easy to learn

Requires strategy and a steady hand

Includes a more challenging version

Fun for the whole family



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