Matchbox Action Drivers Super Car Wash Playset Review

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Editor's Review

This matchbox set comes disassembled, but putting it together is easy as can be. There are a fair number of stickers for grass and signage, which look quite good, but some go in places that are not super clear. Just bring out your detective cap for a couple minutes. Take a moment to admire all of the minute and well-rendered detail in the car wash, like the gravel pit and road textures. Even with the stickers and molded detail, some areas do look a little plain due to lack of paint.  


Thankfully, no prior Matchbox cars are necessary here, as the set includes a slick red sports car. It’s well painted and full of detail like the license plates, lights, and hubcaps. Drive this bad boy from the access road into the parking lot, where there are subtle raised bumps to keep your car parked in place. Once ready, drive the car into the car wash, and move the sign to activate the wash, complete with lights and sounds. The interior of the car wash has small details like the entry bristles and real foam on the rotating brushes. If done right, your car will automatically roll down the curve on the other side and be ready for the buffing station. Press up and down on the ramp to make the buffer work double time, moving back and fourth! Go ahead and use the vacuum if it’s been a while since you last cleaned the inside of your car. Last but not least, don’t forget to pay at the opening kiosk door! This playset is full of interactive features and a plethora of fine details that make repeated washings with all of your Matchbox cars a fun experience.

Matchbox Action Drivers Super Car Wash Playset

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Whether you have a Matchbox car collection or are uninitiated, this is a great set to buy. The interactivity and replay value is high, and it includes a car to boot!


  • The level of molded detail is high.
  • There are a nice number of play features.
  • The set includes a car.
  • There are lights and sounds.
  • Batteries are included!


  • There’s no paint deco, so some areas like the sidewalk have their lovely details flattened out slightly.

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