Magic Scrunch Pillow Axolotl and Wish Craft Flower Power DIY Soaps Review

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Editor's Review

Get weaving and wishing with new arts and crafts kits from Bright Stripes. 

The Magic Scrunch Pillow Axolotl is the newest pillow design. (TTPM reviewed the Puppy last year.) Kids ages 6 and up follow the instructions to weave and scrunch a smooshy, loopy pillow that looks like a pink axolotl. The kit’s 18 pieces include a pre-sewn pillowcase with weaving straps, seven panels of super-soft fleece, three patch stickers, six felt pieces, and instructions. The whole craft takes less than an hour to complete. No cutting or sewing required.

With Flower Power DIY Soaps, kids ages 8 and up can make six shaped soaps containing real dried flowers. The kit comes with everything you need: meltable glycerin soap, dried flowers, two bottles of scented dye, four wooden toothpicks, two wooden mixing sticks, a plastic soap mold, and instructions. Because this requires melting the glycerin in the microwave, adult supervision is required. Once the glycerin is melted, pour it into the heart-, circle-, and hexagon-shaped molds, add dried flowers and orange or vanilla scent, and let cool for one hour. Then pop the soaps out of the molds and use them!

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The Magic Scrunch Pillow is an easy craft, and it results in a cute pillow that kids can use as part of their room decor. Axolotls are really trendy right now, so this specific craft kit will be perfect for kids who like axolotls. 

The DIY Soaps kit requires some time and patience, but kids will think it’s really cool to have soaps that they made being used in the family bathroom. With the scents, colors, and dried flowers, these soaps almost look too nice to use! The soaps would also make nice gifts for friends and family members.


Pros (Magic Scrunch Pillow)
Easy craft
Nice room decor
Plays off of axolotl trend

Pros (Flower Power DIY Soaps)
Comes with everything you need
Soaps are usable


Cons (Magic Scrunch Pillow)
Not much play once you make it

Cons (Flower Power DIY Soaps)
Requires time and patience

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