ChillFactor Slushy Maker Review

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Editor's Review

In need of an icy cold treat? Make your own slushies at home with the ChillFactor Slushy Maker. This squishable cup, available in different colors, stays cold in the freezer until you’re ready to make a slushy. To do this, pour in your favorite beverage – juice, soda, or flavored milk. Be sure to only fill the cup 2/3 of the way full. Then screw on the lid and squeeze the cup until the liquid has turned to slush, which could take at least 60 seconds. Use the included spoon-straw to enjoy your slushy! You can also visit the ChillFactor website for slushy recipe ideas.

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This works surprisingly well! We used Kool-Aid as our flavored liquid, and within 60 seconds, the liquid had turned to slush. And because we were using a favorite beverage, the slushy was tasty! But you’ll probably want more than one ChillFactor Slushy Maker in your freezer so that everyone in the family can enjoy a slushy together.


Easy to use
Turns liquid into slushy in 60 seconds
Tasty treat



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