I Heart Art Paint By Numbers Mushroom Forest, Paint Pages Party Animals, and Art on the Go! Busy World Review

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Editor's Review

Get ready to get creative and “heart” art with new I Heart Art arts and crafts toys from Bright Stripes.

The Art on the Go! Richard Scarry’s Busy World is a coloring and sticker activity pad that’s part of the I Heart Art Jr. line. It includes 50 pages with 25 activities, 106 stickers, and eight crayons. Preschoolers can practice writing their name, color in a picnic lunch, and draw their own pictures on the blank pages. Tear out your finished art and store it in the folder until you get home and can put it on the fridge. 

Paint Pages Party Animals is another one in the I Heart Art Jr. line. This makes it easy for kids ages 4 and up to paint with watercolors. Each of the 25 pages has a watercolor paint strip. A paintbrush is included, so all you have to do is add water. Kids can paint all kinds of party-themed pictures, and then easily tear them out when dry. 

And older kids ages 8 and up can paint by number with the I Heart Art Paint By Numbers Mushroom Forest. It includes a deep stretched canvas with 16 paints and two brushes. Match the numbers on the canvas to the numbers on each paint pot. The instructions even tell kids which color to start with, recommending to start with the darkest colors first. The packaging even becomes a tray to hold all the supplies as kids work. And as kids paint a picture of a leopard frog and fairytale mushroom, they can learn about real ones on the back of the instruction sheet. 

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Crafty kids of all ages will like the variety of artistic activities in the I Heart Art lines. Art on the Go is a fun way to get creative whether on the go or at home. Paint Pages introduces kids to watercolors, and Paint By Numbers offers an easy and satisfying painting experience.


Pros (Art on the Go)
50 pages
Crayons & stickers included
Inspires creativity

Pros (Paint Pages)
25 pages
Watercolor paint strips on each page
Inspires creativity

Pros (Mushroom Forest)
Matching numbers to colors makes painting easier
Offers fun facts about what kids are painting
Inspires creativity



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