Craft-tastic Magical Bath Bubble Potions Review

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Editor's Review

Bath water does more than get you clean. It can also be used to mix up magical potions with the Craft-tastic Magical Bath Bubble Potions craft kit! This comes with five foam potion bottles, star bubbles, sparkle dust, magic soap confetti, a magical bubble maker, and even a magic bubble wand. All you need is water and your imagination. 

The first step is to choose your potion and collect the ingredients shown. Then, add the ingredients to the bubble maker and stir with the wand. Hang the bubble maker over the faucet, and turn on the water to watch bubbles form. Wet the back of the foam potion bottle to make it stick to your tub wall, so you’ll have the magic instructions handy. You can use the wand as a bubble blower, and even make your own magic by adding other ingredients (shampoo or bubble bath) from home. 

This is for ages 4 and up with adult help.

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Making potions in the bathtub is so fun! Kids will like mixing all the colorful ingredients and playing in the bubbles. This inspires imaginative play and might even help reluctant bathers get excited about bathtime. But you don’t have to only play with this in the tub. You can also use a sink or water table. 


Comes with everything you need
Inspires imaginative play
Use it in the tub, sink, or water table
Reuse pieces with other ingredients from home
Might help reluctant bathers



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