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You may have played some of Exploding Kittens’ games for older players, but now younger kids ages 4 and up can get in on the gameplay with four new kid-friendly games in the company’s Kitten Games lineup. All of the games were created by the Exploding Kittens CEO and his four-year-old daughter.

The Best Worst Ice Cream is a card game where the goal is to be the first player to completely fill an ice cream cone. Each player gets an ice cream cone with a draw pile of circular cards in the center of the playing space. From that draw pile, flip over the top five cards and place each one in front of the ice cream figure with the matching flavor. Then, on your turn, you look at the top card on the draw pile, which shows three flavors of ice cream. You have to guess which of those three flavors will be on the front of the card. Without looking at the card, put it in the front of the ice cream figure that you think will be a match. Now you turn over the card. If you guessed right, you get to take all the cards in front of that figure and add them to your ice cream cone. If you guessed wrong, you don’t get any cards. The game comes with 60 cards, five ice cream cones, and five figures. You can play the game with two to five players.

My Parents Might Be Martians is a guessing game where the grown-ups talk like aliens and kids have to translate. Essentially, the adult team is the Martian team, and they try to get the kids, aka Human team, to guess a word. A grown-up will pick a card, choose either the purple word or the green word, and use only words with one syllable to give clues. It’s important that you try to give the clues in full sentences, and you can’t say any word or part of any word that appears on the card. You also can’t do “sounds like” or “rhymes with”. The kid will have a megaphone in which to shout their guesses. For each card correctly guessed, both teams score a point. Try to get through as many cards as you can before time runs out. You’re going to need more than two players for this so that the adults can split into two Martian teams, however, there are instructions if you’re only playing with one grown-up. The game comes with 150 cards, a 60-second timer, 36 point tokens, and a megaphone.

Hurry Up Chicken Butt is a Hot Potato-style game with lots of movement. There’s a clear chicken shaker with a colorful die inside, and this shaker also doubles as a timer. The first player gets the chicken shaker on his or her nest. Once time starts, the first player shakes the chicken and matches the color of the die to the appropriate activities. It might match a blue, green, or purple activity card; you might have to quickly roll again; you might have to touch the Chicken Butt challenge; or you might get to pick whatever activity you’d like. The Chicken Butt Challenge means you have to run to wherever the chicken butt card has been placed, touch it, and come back. Once you complete your activity, put the chicken on the next player’s nest. Now it’s their turn. If the timer goes off while the chicken is on your nest, the player right before you is the winner. You can play this game with two to six players. The game comes with a chicken, six nests, a Chicken Butt Challenge, and 45 cards. You’ll need two AAA batteries, which are not included.

I Want My Teeth Back is a card-collecting game that incorporates a bit of math. In this game, there are characters called Meefs, and each player gets one. The goal is to fill your Meef’s mouth with all 12 of its missing teeth. On your turn, you’ll draw a card and put it face up in front of you. You can then play any card in front of you by discarding it or you can choose to not play a card. The types of cards you can play are Tooth Cards, which let you spin the spinner. Spin Cards also let you spin the spinner.  When spinning the spinner, if you land on a blue Lucky Tooth section, collect all the tooth tokens on the landing mat and put them on your Meef. Then add two tooth tokens from the tooth pile to the landing mat. If you spin and land on a red section, nothing happens. The last card you could play is Teeth Cards. These show how many teeth tokens you must add to the landing mat. The game is for two to four players, and it comes with a spinner, a landing mat, four Meefs, 57 cards, a menu card, and 60 tooth tokens.

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All of these games are quick to learn and quick to play. We like that there are instructions for the grown-ups to read, and then more fun instructions for the kids. And all of these games are very silly. From the illustrations of the ice cream flavors (snail, pizza, eyeballs, worm, hot dog) to the toothless Meefs and the funny faces on the teeth, these games are perfectly suited to the 4+ age group. And each game encourages important skills, such as pattern recognition, language skills, physical activity, and critical thinking. Most importantly, each game is perfect for some family bonding time.


Games are very silly
Separate (boring) instructions for grown-ups and fun ones for kids
Encourages important skills
Easy to learn
Fun for the whole family


Hurry Up Chicken Butt does not include batteries

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