Jurassic World Captivz Color Change and Color Change Surprise Review

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Editor's Review

The most surprising thing about Jurassic World Captivz Color Change is not the mystery dino inside but the color the dino changes to when dipped in water. Crack open the two-toned egg to reveal two blind bags: one of the buildable dinosaur figure and the other of the slime. Your Dimorphodon may look brown when it’s cold, but place the figure in warm water to make its color change green. Warm water changes the color back. The slime also changes color. So the more you play with it, ideally the heat from your hands will warm it up enough to change its color, although the instructions say that for faster results, you can immerse the slime in cool or warm water. And, of course, each dinosaur comes with a collector card. Collect more dinosaurs and cards to build an epic image with the cards. The rarity level of your dino determines how many battle points your dino is worth. You’ll use that information when playing the Captivz battle game, although these collector cards do not include the dinosaur stats that are usually used when playing the game.

For a bigger surprise, collect the Color Change Surprise eggs. These larger eggs have a lenticular dinosaur eye peeking out that looks like it’s squinting at you as you turn the egg back and forth. Open the egg to find 14 surprises, including a color-change super-sized dinosaur figure, color-change slime, aquatic blue slime, prehistoric sand, eight stickers, an exclusive collector card, and a collector guide. These dinosaurs and slime also change colors in warm and cold water. If you battle with these dinosaurs, they’re worth the most points.

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Dinosaur fans will like the combination of dinosaurs and slime, plus the fun unboxing of both small and large eggs. The color-change feature is pretty cool, too. Even if you’re not playing the battle game with dinosaur figures, collecting and playing them in the slime is pretty fun, too. (The slime does get messy.) These will inspire imaginative play.


2 ways to collect
Dinos and slime change color
Battle game to play
Slime offers tactile play
Imaginative play


Slime is messy
Slime color change doesn’t work that well

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