Hot Wheels Monster Trucks Transforming Rhinomite RC Launcher Review

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Editor's Review

The Rhinomite is anything but subtle, and we are here for it! The main body of the RC resembles a rhino who has really woken up on the wrong side of the bed. Adorned with white-hot flames and logos, the paintwork is super clean and durable. The textural detail is nice too, with rhino hide and mechanical detail. The internal battery is rechargeable, and the USB charging cord is attached to the RC itself. You will, however, need two AA batteries for the controller.


The Rhinomite controls are easy and intuitive, and so is the handling. It’s propelled with back wheel drive only, so the speed isn’t the highest, but what it sacrifices in speed, it makes up in maneuverability. It turns quite sharply, and it can do wheelies and spins. It even drives admirably on gravel, grass, and autumn leaves. The added traction may cause accidental wheelies, but it’s not a huge concern.


But this is only half the equation. Perform a brief transformation to create the launcher mode! Press the shoulder button on the controller to activate the back wheels and make a motorized launching ramp for 3 sustained minutes. Take the included monster truck, drop it through, and watch it tumble! The truck lands more often than not on its side or back, so this is more so a demolition launcher. Set up your own obstacles and watch them tumble down! Transforming back into RC mode couldn’t be easier. If there’s one thing that the Rhinomite excels at, it’s the seamless integration of its two play modes, and the key is the fun, quick, and easy transformation.

Hot wheels Rhinomite

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Should I get it?

It may bot offer peak RC speed performance, but if you’re looking for an incredibly unique item that is extremely versatile and offers dynamic play, we totally recommend it!


  • It has two play modes.
  • It has a rechargeable battery with an included cable.
  • It’s easy to pull off wheelie stunts.
  • The controls are tight and intuitive.


  • Due to the dual modes feature, the top speed of RC mode isn’t the highest out there.
  • You can sometime accidentally lose control via wheelies when driving on more textured surfaces like rock or grass.

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