Barbie 65th Anniversary Doll Review

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Editor's Review

Barbie looks good for 65! To celebrate 65 years of this iconic doll, Mattel released the Barbie 65th Anniversary Doll for collectors ages 6 and up. The strapless black-and-white gown harkens back to Barbie’s original black-and-white swimsuit. And because a 65th anniversary is the “Blue Sapphire” anniversary, you’ll find sapphire details throughout. The blonde version of the doll wears her long hair pulled up into a high ponytail, while the brown-haired version wears a similar hairstyle but with braids. The gown’s fitted sweetheart bodice blooms into a voluminous skirt under which you’ll find the doll wearing peep-toe heels. Long black mesh gloves add an elegant touch. The doll accessorizes with sparkling sapphire “gem” earrings, blue eyeshadow, and blue cat-eye sunglasses. (The doll is supposed to be wearing them in the box, but our doll’s glasses fell off and landed at the bottom of the box. This might be frustrating for collectors who wanted to keep the doll in the box on display.) A sapphire blue tag is worn around the doll’s wrist, announcing that this is a “Genuine Barbie by Mattel.” A doll stand and Certificate of Authenticity are included.

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This Barbie doll will be a must-have for collectors. We like how the doll’s dress pays homage to the original Barbie swimsuit design. We think collectors will appreciate the sapphire blue details that help commemorate the 65th anniversary milestone. While this is definitely a collectible doll, it’s also for ages 6 and up, and those younger kids might want to take this out of the box and play with it. 


Dress pays homage to original Barbie swimsuit
Blue sapphire details commemorate 65th anniversary
Great collectors item for fans



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