‘Ladies and Gentlemen, The Beatles!’ MEGA Set Review

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Editor's Review

This set is 681 pieces, and will take you a couple hours to build at a normal pace. This build is largely a leisurely affair with a couple difficulty bumps here and there, such as when you are suddenly confronted with wiring, but oh boy, take your time, and reference the instructions extra close now and then, because it is well worth it in the end.

Once complete, you’ll have a full recreation of the 1964 Ed Sullivan show stage where the Beatles performed live. There are studs along the floor for you to plug in the four figures. And thanks to MEGA’s special brand of articulated figures, you can get really helter-skelter with your scene-making if you want to. The dynamic, radial arrows and central elevated platform really make the scene come together.

The attention to detail here is wild! Each guitar and mic has a corresponding rubber cord, the backs of the arrow supports have referential drawings and signatures, there’s a film camera off to stage left, and the scaffolding is way more than just for show. Plug the usb into a slot, and here comes the sun! Press the Beatles sign gently to cycle through different lighting displays: a persistent light, steady pulsing lights and a more dynamic pulse pattern. The fact that you, the builder, set this up yourself is a brilliant bit of meta play, we love it! There are even rubber grips on the bottom of the stage to prevent it from slip sliding around. One thing we recommend though, be sure to build it where it will eventually live, since transporting it can be a bit of a pain. If some of the set pieces come undone, it can be troublesome to get them back to where they once belonged.

MEGA Beatles

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Should I get it?

Emphatically, yes! This set is fun to build and to appreciate afterward. Any Beatles fan will delight in this set.


  • It’s a fun build with a nice ebb and flow of difficulty.
  • The completed set is wonderful to admire thanks to the dynamic arrows.
  • It’s chock full of details.
  • The play and display value is high.


  • It’s a bit fragile once done, but it’s only a problem if you need to move it long distance.

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