Planet Friends Sea Me Bounce Turtle, All Ears Lovey, Spotting Fun Snow Leopard, and Roly-Poly Panda Play Mat Review

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Editor's Review

Parents want the best toys for their babies. But what about the best toys for the planet? Fisher-Price’s Planet Friends line of baby toys features fabric made from recycled plastics. And all of the toys come in FSC-certified packaging. This is all part of Fisher-Price’s goal (along with Mattel) of 100-percent recycled, recyclable, or bio-based plastic materials in both product and packaging by 2030. 

The Sea Me Bounce Turtle attaches to a stroller canopy, baby gym, or diaper bag via the plastic link, which is made of 95-percent ISCC-certified plastic. The toy sea turtle features a variety of tactile and visual elements to engage babies birth and up. There are different fabrics made from 80-percent post-consumer recycled plastics on its shell and fins, as well as a BPA-free teether that hangs underneath. The teether is made from a minimum of 20-percent oil derived from plant sources. Babies can pull down on the teether and watch the turtle bounce back up. With pulling or pushing motion, the turtle makes a jingle sound.

The All Ears Lovey is a cute toy elephant with large ears that feature different fabrics, all made from 90-percent fabric from post-consumer recycled plastics. Babies ages 3 months and up will like exploring the different textures on the ears and snuggling up with the toy at home or on the go.

The Spotting Fun Snow Leopard is for babies ages 3 months and up. This machine-washable plush leopard features high-contrast colors for visual stimulation and different textures and tags for tactile exploration. And its fabric is made from 95-percent post-consumer recycled plastics.

And the Roly-Poly Panda Play Mat is a 3-in-1 toy with fabric that’s also made from 90-percent post-consumer recycled plastics. Unroll the mat for some lay and play time, or pop up the panda head and stick the mirror to it so your baby has something to look at during tummy time. The crinkle snail toy can be linked to any of the three loops on the mat or removed from the mat and used separately. If you need to take this on the go, it easily rolls up and secures with Velcro closures. It is machine washable and is for babies from birth and up.

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All of these baby toys provide sensory stimulation for newborns, as well as other key developmental skills, from cause and effect to gross motor skills. Parents who are looking for environmentally-friendly toy options will appreciate that these toys are made from recycled plastics. 


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