Jurassic World Ruthless Rampage Allosaurus Review

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Editor's Review

The Ruthless Rampage Allosaurus joins the now long line of super-detailed Jurassic World figures from Mattel. The predecessors set high bars for quality, and the allosaurus certainly clears it! The molded detail on the allosaurus is minute and differentiated clearly by area, shifting from well-defined ridges, to very fine scaly bumps and plated spikes. You can even make out the wrinkles on the claw knuckles! The paintwork is simplistic in color but very clean and complex in pattern, and the eyes are very well done. The allosaurus has all the familiar poseability in the arms, hips, feet, and tail. The neck and mouth have movement, which can be controlled via the concealed dial at the base of the back. The dial loops the Allosaurus through a set of neck positions, chomps and attack sounds. Continuously scroll to repeat the loop, or pull back again and again to repeat the same motion. But that’s not all, flip the switch right near the tail joint to extend the allosaurus’ spikes! Ruthless indeed! Last but not least, there is a scannable code that you can use in conjunction with the Jurassic World app.

Ruthless Rampage Allosaurus

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While there isn’t much paint in terms of weathering, everything else about this Ruthless Rampage Allosaurus is excellent! It’s detailed, yet sturdy, perfect for rampaging play! We recommend it for fans both young and old.


  • It has an excellent sculpt with lots of detail.
  • There is a decent amount of poseability.
  • It has fun and versatile play features, with sounds.
  • Batteries are included! 


  • The relatively simple paint on the main body. The pattern looks great, but there’s no real shading or weathering to be seen.

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