Little People Everyday Adventures Airport Review

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Editor's Review

Little imaginations are cleared for takeoff when preschoolers play with the Little People Everyday Adventures Airport. Use the Little People pilot and the Little People passenger to play out scenes at an airport. First, you’ve got to check-in. Spin the roller to find your destination: skiing or the beach. Then place the luggage accessory on the conveyor belt so that it loads onto your plane. Step into the x-ray machine and slide the door to see what the passenger has inside his hat and pockets. Then head to the top of the airport and slide down into the airplane. The slide/jet bridge folds up when not in use. The plane has real rolling wheels so kids can drive it around on the ground or make it fly in the sky.

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This playset is such a cute way to inspire imaginative play. Whether or not little ones have been on a plane before, they can use this playset to play out what they think going to the airport entails. (How cool if real airports had slides?) Parents could also use this playset as a way to show kids how an airport works (minus that cool slide) before going on their first plane ride.


2 Little People figures
Features every aspect of an airport
Helps with fine motor skills
Inspires imaginative play



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