Hot Wheels Action Vertical 8 Jump Review

Editor's Rating


Editor's Review

The Action Vertical 8 Jump is powered by you, as you must smack down on the launcher to make the Hot Wheel car go. Assembly for the track is a little visually complicated in the instructions, but as long as you pay attention, it’s no biggie. You may be shy at first about how hard you need to smack the launcher, but trust us, don’t hold back. Smack it. You’ll get a feeling for how hard to hit it after a few smacks, and it won’t feel as transgressive at that point. 


The Vertical 8 Jump has a track diverter that will funnel the included yellow decal-adorned car either on the shorter figure 8 track, or the taller singular arch. Both will result in the car careening into the basket at the end. It’s quite fun to smack down on the lever and launch the car over the looping tracks, and it’s really surprising how just the manual power of your hand and a launcher is able to get this car to defy gravity and scale these vertical tracks. There are hinges across one section of the track which allows it to fold up for easier storage.

Hot Wheels Action 8 Jump 780 x 780

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Should I get it?

The Action Vertical 8 Jump Track is a cool experiment in manual launching. It’s a toy that you can get more skilled at playing with, and it even folds up for easier storage. We recommend it!


  • The manual operated launcher is fun to smack.
  • There are two different tracks to launch around.
  • The set includes a car.
  • It folds up to be more compact.


  • The manual launcher may take some getting used to before it clicks.
  • The track itself isn’t that mechanically complex.

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