Giant Shiny Holographic Foil and Dinosaur Dominoes Review

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Editor's Review

Give the classic game of Dominoes a refresh with shiny holographic dominoes sets from eeBoo. Each of the die-cut domino pieces in the Giant Shiny Dominoes and Giant Shiny Dinosaur Dominoes sets are 4.5 by 2.25 inches, with numbers or images highlighted with shiny holographic foil. All of the dominoes are made of sturdy and thick cardboard. Each set comes with 28 pieces and game rules on the inside of the box lid.

The object of Giant Shiny Dominoes is to be the first player to win 100 points. Each round, players take turns adding matching dominoes to the domino chain in the middle of the playing space. Once a player runs out of pieces, he or she earns points based on the number of pips still held by all the other players.

The object of Giant Shiny Dinosaur Dominoes is to be the first player to play all your dominoes. These dominoes have images of dinosaurs instead of numbers, so players can only add to the domino chain if they have a matching dinosaur image or a wild Tyrannosaurus Rex piece. You can keep score in this game, too. Whoever is left with dominoes at the end of a round scores points for their remaining dominoes. The winner will be the player with the lowest score at the end of the final round.

Giant Shiny Holographic Foil and Dinosaur Dominoes

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We like the look of these dominoes. They’re definitely different from any other dominoes sets we’ve seen. Both games are a nice way to introduce the game of Dominoes to young kids, as well as helping them with matching and concentration skills. You can also use these dominoes to make up your own games.

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