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Editor's Review

Gator Grab Sports is a game of luck and strategy that is perfect for the whole family. The object of the game is to be the first player to collect four matching character cards in all your player piles. The number of cards each player starts with is determined by the number of players you’ve got. But each player will arrange their cards into face down piles of four cards each. The last four cards get placed face up on the rectangles on the game mat, or gator pit. On the count of three, all players pick up one of their card piles and look through it. You can swap a card from your hand with a card in the gator pit in order to match similar sports gators. The card images feature gators playing everything from volleyball and baseball to basketball and cheerleading. If you match four of the same cards in your card pile, place that pile face down and put a gator chip on top of it. Then pick up another pile and start matching those cards. If you get four cards of a kind in all of your piles, you win. Or you can automatically win by matching the four Greatest Gator of All Time cards. There are only four of those in the deck, so good luck. 

The game can also be played as a classic memory game, a two-player speed competition, and a one-player challenge where you try to beat your best time. 

The game comes with 52 Got Game Gator Sports Cards, 12 Gator Chips, a Gator Pit Mat, and rules. 

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This card game is easy to learn how to play, and we like that there are different ways to play the game. You’ve got to move fast, though, and pay attention to what the other players are doing so you don’t miss out on a card that you need. This game will be a big hit at your next family game night.


Easy to learn how to play
Different ways to play
Gameplay requires you to move fast
Sporty gator illustrations are colorful and fun



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