Galaxy Donuts Baking Kit Review

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Editor's Review

Want to get your kid confident in the kitchen but food allergies getting in the way? Little GF Chefs offers baking kits for kids that are gluten-free, vegan, and free of the top eight allergens. With the Galaxy Donuts Kit, kids learn how to make donuts topped with a galaxy swirl glaze and silver dust. Inside the kit, you’ll find a six-cavity silicone donut pan; allergen-free donut mix; icing sugar; red, blue, and purple plant-based food coloring; silver plant-based food-safe paint; a cookie paintbrush; a piping bag; and recipe instructions. There are a few items you’ll need to provide from home, such as dairy-free milk, vinegar, an egg (or seltzer water), and dairy-free butter.

Galaxy Donuts Baking Kit

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The instructions for baking these donuts are easy to follow, and we think kids will enjoy the Little GF experience. The end result may vary depending on a child’s skill level, but overall, these tasted great and the galaxy swirl frosting was really cool.

Baking and cooking kits like this are a great way to inspire confidence in the kitchen and show kids how STEM skills can be used in the real world. We like that the kit’s ingredients are allergen-free and that, with a few substitutions, you can make these 100-percent vegan if you want.

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