Feel Goo! Review

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Editor's Review

Want to feel good? Feel Goo! Whether you’re swirling it, squishing it, or gooshing it, you’ll get a sensational squeeze from this sensory toy. This squishy ball is made of three layers, each with a different material inside. There’s a watery substance on one side, water beads in the middle, and a gooey slime in the other. 

Along with the squishy ball, there are three other Feel Goo! shapes to collect and squish: a second circle, an egg, and poop. Each one contains different colors of the same three layers.

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No matter how you’re feeling, you’ll “Feel Goo!” after giving this sensory toy a squish. This makes a nice fidget toy for kids and adults, and the sounds and look of the toy offer ASMR play.


3 layers of different materials
Bright colors
Multi-sensory experience
Fidget toy for kids and adults



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