Cry Babies Fun ‘N Sun Allie Doll Review

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Editor's Review

Summer is almost here, and you’ll want to go swimming with the Cry Babies Fun N’ Sun Allie doll! She’s got all the water essentials: a strawberry-themed bathing suit, pink jelly sandals, strawberry-shaped sunglasses, a strawberry hat, a red pacifier with strawberry details on it, and a strawberry-patterned floatie.

Because this is a Cry Babies doll, it’s going to cry tears. All you have to do is fill the tank in its head, and then press down on the head to activate the “crying”.

But the doll has another water feature. When placed in hot water, hidden designs will appear on Allie’s swimsuit.

And if you place the doll in sunlight, small freckles will appear on her nose.

The doll’s head moves back and forth a little bit, and her arms and legs are poseable.

Cry Babies Fun ‘N Sun Allie Doll

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Kids will like getting Allie dressed for a pool day, even if it’s a pretend pool. But we like that kids really can play with this super cute doll in the pool or bathtub. There are lots of opportunities for pretend play.

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