Creativity for Kids Plant Pet Paint & Decorate Dino Planter Review

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Editor's Review

Grow a prehistoric plant with the Plant Pet Paint & Decorate Dino Planter. Kids can paint and decorate the plastic dinosaur planter, and then add potting mix and chia seeds into its back. Keeping the seeds watered is easy thanks to the dinosaur’s fabric tongue that absorbs water from the leaf bowl, feeding your plant for days. The chia seeds will grow within three to five days.

The kit comes with a dino planter, a leaf bowl, assorted stickers, three paint colors, a paintbrush, a fabric tongue, wiggly eyes, potting mix, chia seeds, a play mat, and instructions. 

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This is a fun activity that allows kids to get creative while also making it easy for them to grow their own plant and learn about being a responsible plant parent. The dinosaur planter is really cute and great for dinosaur fans. Kids will like watching their plants grow. 


Creative play when decorating the Dino
Growing the chia seeds is easy
Kids will like watching their plants grow



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