Clue Escape The Midnight Hotel Review

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Editor's Review

Clue Escape The Midnight Hotel is the next game in the Clue mystery series. With a difficulty rating of three out of five, players will find this a satisfying “escape room at home” challenge. It still features the same classic Clue characters, and it takes place after Mr. Boddy’s death at Tudor Mansion (from the Clue Escape Room game Treachery at Tudor Mansion). The six characters have arrived at the hotel for Mr. Boddy’s memorial service – and to steal the blackmail still on Mr. Boddy’s computer. Which one of you set off the alarm trying to steal it? And where is the computer server located that stores the blackmail? And what is the computer password? That’s what players work together to solve through a series of puzzles that, once solved, help the game board grow to reveal new rooms and details. Can you solve the mystery before midnight?

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Should I get it?

This is a one-time play game, which means once you solve all the puzzles, that’s it. You can’t play it again. If you’re a fan of these types of games, then you’ll enjoy the challenge of this game’s puzzles. We like this extension of Clue because it gives fans another way to engage with the characters and use their detective skills. 


Puzzles offer a satisfying challenge
New way to interact with Clue characters
Fun party game for Clue and escape room fans



Can only play the game once

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