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Editor's Review

Cat-a-gories is a game for 2 – 4 players ages 6 and up. It’s all about quick reactions and flexing your vocabulary. Every player gets one very funny cat paw extension for their finger before the game begins. Also included in the box are 6 light foam letter dice, and 100 theme cars. First, draw a card and read the theme aloud, then one player lightly rolls or throws the dice onto the play surface at which point the main event starts. Players can yell a word that relates to the theme, and also begins with a face up letter on the dice. (If the theme is Travel, and one of the dice landed with a C face up, you could yell “Car!”) Then players can use their paw finger to swipe the dice into their zone. As you can imagine, this gets chaotic real fast! Whoever managed to swipe the most dice wins the card. Play however many rounds you wish, but whoever manages to collect the most cards is the winner! Ties can be resolved by observing whoever most recently swiped a die last, and if words are yelled simultaneously, it’s up to wherever is quicker! Since the game comes with so many cards, and the die rolls are random, no two games will be alike! Oh, by the way, the cat paw symbol is wild, so say a word that begins with any letter, as long as it fits the theme. If it doesn’t, be careful, the other players might challenge your play!


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Cat-a-gories ended up surprising us with just how fun it is. There is an element of frantic, fun energy at play here that only becomes clear once you try it yourself. As such, we encourage you to pick a copy up and do just that!


  •  It’s a fast paced game for players of any age to enjoy.
  • There are plenty of theme cards to make sure the game stays fresh for a long time.
  • It’s a simple game to jump right into. 


  • It can get very loud and chaotic, so it’s maybe not the best fit for a “chill” game night.

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