BST AXN Avatar The Last Airbender & KISS Figures Review

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Editor's Review

We have two figures from each series to go over, Aang and Katara from Avatar: the Last Airbender, and The Demon and Catman from KISS. These figures look excellent; the details here are all spot on! The look of the show is nailed perfectly, especially in the faces. Katara comes with two changeable heads, four pairs of hands, her water skin, and water effect parts, while Aang has three changeable heads, four pairs of hands, his staff, and air effect parts.

Pivoting to KISS, Gene “the Demon” and Peter “the Catman” have a very different aesthetic to the Avatar figures, but nonetheless look great. The intricate sculpts steal the show here, with studs and glitzy armor, pumps, and more. The paintwork is excellent save for one tiny detail, Gene’s right eye looks ever so slightly off center. At a distance though, it’s hard to notice. The Demon comes with a mic and mic stand, two electric bass guitars, and two pairs of hands, while the Catman includes a strap worn snare drum, two drumsticks, a seat, and two pairs of hands. While trying out the accessories we did run into some challenges. The straps for the instruments are molded in such a way where it’s hard to situate them at a natural looking angle. Also, it’s quite difficult to swap heads on the avatar figures. Don’t rush it, or you may risk breakage.


Articulation on these figures is pretty good. The joints are excellent, but some areas of the sculpt impede your options slightly, such as the costumes of the Avatar figures and the hip area of the KISS figures. You can still get some nice poses off with a little bit of patience though. You’ll find poseability in the head, shoulders, elbow, wrists, abdomen, waist, hips, knees, and ankles, plus swivels in the biceps and thighs.

BST AXN Avatar and KISS 780 x 780

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Should I get it?

The Avatar and KISS figures don’t quite hit the same high as the BST AXN Ninja Turtles line. However, if you’re a big fan of either property, we still recommend them so long as you have patience and a gentle hand. The looks are excellent after all,  and that counts for a lot.


  • The respective Avatar and KISS aesthetics are both very well sculpted.
  • The accessory count is high.
  • Articulation points are numerous.
  • The paintwork is generally well done. 


  • Impeded poseability, based on certain areas of the sculpt.
  • On our copy, the Demon’s eye is slightly off.
  • Some of the accessories can not only be delicate, but are molded in ways that make them difficult to pose naturally.
  • The heads are also difficult to swap.

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