Bluey Keepy Uppy Game Review

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Editor's Review

Just like on the episode of Bluey, kids can play the Keepy Uppy balloon game with Bluey and her family. The motorized balloon flips and spins around the board, and you have to be quick to bop it back up in the air. If the balloon hits your hedge, you lose a token. And the last player with tokens wins!

After some set-up and assembly, which an adult will need to do, choose which character you’ll play as: Bluey, Bingo, or Chilli. Bandit is in the centerpiece of the game unit with the balloon, which needs to start with the balloon straight up in the air. You’ll need to install two AA batteries, which are not included, and then turn on the game unit. As the balloon spins, it will slowly start to float down. Press down on your paddle to bop it back into the air before it hits your hedge. If the balloon hits your hedge, one of your three Pop tokens will automatically drop down to the rack below.

The game includes a balloon and Bandit, a motorized base, three paddles, nine Pop tokens, and a label sheet. You can play the game with two to three players ages 4 and up.

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This game is very easy to learn and will be fun for fans of Bluey. It does require some skill to hit a paddle at just the right time, but it’s not too hard for preschoolers to get the hang of. Kids will like watching Bandit and the balloon spin around.


Easy to learn
Brings a favorite game from the show to life
Tests motor skills
Fun watching the balloon and Bandit spin around


Batteries are not included

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