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Editor's Review

Block Party is a game for 2-6 players ages 8 and older. The idea of the game is to identify the constructions of your fellow players correctly and earn enough points to reach the end of the board. The building materials are delightfully bright and colorful wooden blocks.

To start, everyone picks a colored building base card (which is a little bit thin, so handle with care) and one block of a matching color. Everyone places their block on the starting space of the board and a guesser is chosen to begin. Everyone then draws a building card, which will have a list of optional things for you to build over the course of a round. The real fun comes with the introduction of challenge cards, which the guesser picks at random. These modifiers will offer bonus points for building the fastest, with fewest or most blocks, or they’ll reduce everyone’s time to build! Once the guesser sets the timer, you have a certain amount of time to build your ‘thing’ out of the colored blocks. Only pick one block at a time from the middle! After time is up, the guesser tries to guess each object. If correct, the guesser and the builder earn a point. If the guesser is wrong, another player can use their steal token to try and guess themselves and take the point instead. The player with the most points at the end of a certain number of rounds (determined by the amount of players) wins! 

Block Party is such a wholesome experience. Even at its most competitive, points can be earned together by guessing your opponent’s built object correctly. The bright colors and very cute visual design can’t help but keep you in a good mood. There are even special rules to help younger players, or players who have a hard time visualizing their chosen object in advance stay in the game, and an entire 2-player co-op mode on the back of the game board! The personality of the game is very sweet, and we appreciate that a lot!

Block Party

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Should I get it?

Yes, 100%. Block Party is good, clean, family fun for all ages. Get your creative juices flowing!


  • The presentation of the game is bright, ageless, and appealing.
  • There are plenty of blocks for everyone to get a fair shake at building.
  • The challenge cards shake things up and keep the game interesting.
  • There is a special 2-player co-op mode, and rules to help younger players and folks who are less spatially minded enjoy themselves.


  • The base cards are a little bit thin, so you should treat them very, very carefully.

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