American Girl 1922 Claudie Doll, Book, Dizzy Dot, and Accessories Review

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Editor's Review

This year, American Girl adds a new historical character to its lineup in the form of Claudie Wells, a nine-year-old girl living in New York City’s Harlem neighborhood in 1922. The 18-inch doll comes with a book, Meet Claudie, written by Brit Bennett and illustrated by Laura Freeman. Through the story, kids will learn about the variety of artists (writers, painters, musicians, etc.) during the Harlem Renaissance and how Claudie has to save the day to prevent her family’s eviction from their home. The doll comes with a paperback version of the book, however, a collectible hardcover version is also available.

The doll itself comes dressed in a yarn-dyed woven plaid dress with Peter Pan collar, a green knit cardigan sweater, a pair of black Mary Jane shoes, a pair of white knee-high socks, and a pair of cotton underwear. The doll features an all-new face mold and wears a wide green hair bow in her curly shoulder-length hair. And as with all American Girl dolls, Claudie’s brown eyes open and close.

You can also add Claudie’s Accessories to the doll, giving her a silver metal necklace with a heart-shaped pendant on it. Look closely to see Claudie’s initial engraved on it. The accessory set also comes with an authentic-style 1920s Baby Ruth candy bar, a blue felt cloche hat, a brown bag with piping details and front pocket, and a journal printed to look like faux leather. Open up the journal to see interior pages that are filled with writing and sketches.

Claudie and her brother love playing with Dizzy Dot, the dog that belongs to the boarding house manager, Miss Amelia. The plush version of this mixed-breed pup features long brown-and-white fur and a pink bow on the top of her head.

American Girl 1922 Claudie Doll, Book, Dizzy Dot, and Accessories

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This is a wonderful new addition to the American Girl doll lineup. Kids will like reading about Claudie’s story, learning about life in the 1920s, and playing out Claudie’s adventures. The doll and book are a great way to start the fun, and the detailed accessory sets add even more to the imaginative play.


  • Doll comes with a book
  • Helps kids learn about life in the 1920s
  • Additional accessory sets are very detailed
  • Inspires imaginative play


  • None

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