Squishmallows Heroes, Squishdoos, and Minis Soft Plush Review (Kellytoy)

Squishmallows Heroes, Squishdoos, and Minis Soft Plush
What It Is

The Squishmallows Heroes lineup honors everyday heroes with plush, squishy toy versions of an EMT/medic, a doctor, a nurse, a firefighter, a grocery clerk, and a detective. Daryl the dog is an EMT who loves being a first responder and always stays calm and cool in scary situations. Wise owl Hoot is a doctor who happily wears his mask and breaks into song when his patients feel scared. Cassie the cat is a head nurse who keeps lollipops and stickers in her pocket to spread joy throughout her hospital. Fifi the red fox is a fire chief who has been running into burning buildings as long as she can remember. The rainbow unicorn Esmeralda is a grocery clerk who always has sanitizer on hand and makes sure everyone is wearing their masks. Koala bear Kirk is a detective who is as friendly as he is protective.

Next, we have the Squishdoos, the latest addition to the Squishmallows family. These plush Squishmallows characters feature unique and colorful hairdos. The line-up includes Reina the butterfly who loves to style hair, Pearson the rainbow tie-dye panda who thinks it's awesome that he looks like cotton candy, Aqua the fun-loving sloth with rainbow locks, Lexi the yellow cheetah who loves to make and share videos with her friends, Beula the octopus who loves spending time at her art studio, and cool cat Cora who thrives on being extreme! All Squishdoos come with 8-inches of fluff for unlimited cuddling!

Lastly, we have the mini Squishmallows! Here we have a variety of 6 different animals; a white unicorn with heart patches, a purple raccoon, brown bear with a special patch, green dragon with heart patches, pink kitty with heart patches, and a grey dog also with heart patches. Just as cuddly, but in a tiny version!

Is It Fun?

Each Squishmallows are made of super soft marshmallow-like texture and polyester. They're washable and different animals and even occupations are available to collect!

Who It’s For

Squishmallows are great to cuddle up with for any child and especially those who enjoy to collect them since there are tons to collect from!

What To Be Aware Of

All are sold separately.

  • Cute

  • Cuddly

  • Collectibility