Rainbocorns Review (Zuru)

What It Is

There's a new surprise just waiting to be unboxed - or hatched. Rainbocorns are the latest mystery toy collectible. There are 12 Rainbocorns stuffed animals to collect based on six cuddly animals, and each animal comes in two different designs. So there are two Puppycorns, two Kittycorns, two Hamstercorns, two Bunnycorns, two Unicorns, and two Monkeycorns. Each one has shiny feet and legs, glittery eyes, colorful hair, a horn, and wings.

Each Rainbocorn comes in a big pink mystery egg, but you won't know which one is inside until you open the egg. The front of the egg has a flip sequin heart that you can rub to reveal a color-change and mystery image to give you a hint as to which Rainbocorn is inside. That heart can then come off and snap into the heart-shaped belly on your Rainbocorn plush. The egg is reusable for storage or as part of the play.

Each Rainbocorn also comes with a Baby Boo-Boocorn in its own tiny collectible egg. There are 20 of these little plastic creatures to collect, including the rare twin Boo-Boocorns. These can actually be used as pencil toppers.

A collector's guide is included so you can keep track of which Rainbocorns and Boo-Boocorns you have and which ones you want.

Is It Fun?

There are a lot of fun surprises with Rainbocorns. From the flip sequins to hatching the egg and the surprise of the tiny Boo-Boocorns, kids will have a lot of fun discovering everything as they go through the unboxing process. The Rainbocorns are cute, colorful, and actually very cuddly, even with the flip sequin heart panel on the front. And those sequins add a trendy tactile appeal to the play. Trust us, it's hard to stop brushing the sequins up and down. These will see kids through a lot of imaginative play and lots of hugs.

Who It’s For

Rainbocorns are for ages 3 and up. They'll be fun for kids who like unboxings, stuffed animals, unicorns, and all things cute and glittery.

What To Be Aware Of

It's a little difficult to get the heart snapped onto the plush, so kids will need help from an adult to do that.

  • Cute

  • Cuddly

  • Collectibility