Video Baby Monitor Review

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Editor's Review

The pan-tilt-zoom feature allows the caregiver to move the camera for a better look at the baby.

It has a sound-activated LED bar so you know when the child is fussing or crying.

The two-way audio allows conversation on both ends, ideal to soothe the baby when needed. The audio has great quality and feels like both are in the same room.

The monitor has 4 different lullabies and soft sounds to help relax and make the baby fall asleep better.

The temperature sensor allows the parent to know if it’s too hot or too cold in the baby’s room, sending an alert to the parent unit.

You can also set everyday alarms such as feeding alerts. It can be set every few hours and only the parent unit will beep, so no worries about waking up the baby.

The screen is 3.5 inches large, just the right size to check on the little one but yet portable.

Video Baby Monitor

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Up to four cameras can be added to the monitor which is very helpful if you have more than one room or child to cover.

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