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Editor's Review

Your baby might not have to fight off He Who Must Not Be Named, but he’ll know all the Harry Potter lore thanks to Kids Preferred’s line of Harry Potter baby toys for ages birth and up.

The line starts off with a 13-inch plush Harry Potter with light-up scar. Touch the toy’s chest to activate the lights and magical sounds. (But honestly, the slightest touch anywhere on the toy will activate it.)  Two AAA batteries are included.

You can also collect favorite characters and objects from the series with Beanbag Plush, featuring Ron, Harry, Hermione, Dobby, a potted Mandrake, a Golden Snitch, and Hedwig. Each plush is about six inches with bean-filled bottoms. Hedwig’s wings and the wings of the Snitch make a crinkle sound. 

Show off your favorite Hogwarts House with animal Beanbag Plush, featuring each house’s animal wearing their house scarf. There’s a Hufflepuff Badger, a Ravenclaw Raven, a Slytherin Snake, and a Gryffindor Lion. Their scarves make a crinkle sound. 

Harry, Ron, Hermione, and Dobby are also available as 15-inch plush toys with bean-filled bottoms. The human characters wear their school robes and scarves, while Dobby carries a soft sock. 

Speaking of socks, you can purchase Dobby Foot Rattles, little baby socks that say “Dobby is Free” with a plush rattling head of Dobby at the toes. The sound of the rattle and the softness of the Dobby head will be very interesting for babies to explore as they wear them and kick their feet.

For more auditory stimulation, your baby can wear the Harry Potter & Hedwig Wrist Rattles. These attach via Velcro around your baby’s wrist. The plush Harry Potter head and plush Hedwig make rattling sounds as baby moves. 

The Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, and Dobby Blanket with Teether Feet feature plush heads, flat and crinkly bodies, and two-sided teether feet. The back of Harry’s robe says “Wizard in Training”, and the back of Hermione’s robe says “Snuggle This Muggle”. The front of Dobby’s shirt says “Dobby Is Free”. 

Take the fun on the go with The Sorting Hat On-the-Go Mirror Toy. Use the straps to attach this baby-safe mirror to a car seat, stroller, or activity gym. One side is the mirror, while the other side is a plush Harry Potter head wearing a Sorting Hat. When the toy moves, babies will hear a rattle sound, and touching the hat makes a crinkle sound. 

The My First Photo Album is a crinkly book that can also be taken on the go thanks to its Velcro strap. Flip through the book to see images of Harry and his friends, and use the photo sleeves to add your own family pictures. A crinkly Harry Potter bookmark is also attached.

For more auditory play on the go, use the On-the-Go Blanky. There are four pockets on this blanket, one for each Hogwarts House, and babies can practice put-and-take play with the crinkly animals inside each pocket. There are also tags to pull on and a satiny border to feel. The straps allow you to hang this from a crib, stroller, or carrier.

For more of a traditional blanket, there’s a 12-inch Dobby Lovey. The plush Dobby is attached to the soft and textured gray blanket. Or get a hug from Hedwig with the Hedgwig Snuggler. This super soft blanket’s wingspan measures 26 inches.

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Now, obviously, babies haven’t read the Harry Potter books or seen the movies, so this toy line is really more for the parents who are fans. These baby toys have really great features that help develop fine motor skills and provide auditory and visual stimulation. And some of the toys will just be soft cuddle buddies that will grow with your baby into a buddy for imaginative play.


Huge range of toys
Some help with fine motor skills
Some provide auditory & visual stimulation
Some are soft cuddle buddies
Some grow with baby for imaginative play



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