Keith Haring Bath Toys Review

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Editor's Review

Babies and parents both deserve bath toys they know are safe and fun, and the Etta Loves Keith Haring bath toys are the perfect option for when it’s time to get into the tub. The Keith Haring bath toys is a collaboration with Etta Loves which shows off some of the artist’s most iconic pieces of art. Each toy is hand painted on one side with raised features on the reverse for a physical sensory experience as well as a visual one. The toys are made of all natural rubber so they’re safe to chew on and they have no holes in them for mold to build up in them. Each 3-pack of Keith Haring bath toys should be cleaned with mild soapy water before being given to your baby and then they can continuously be cleaned using plain water and then dried right after. Riley really loved these toys because they were fun to chew on as they have ridges and divots that helped soothe his still teething gums. We loved these toys because they can be used from infancy to toddlerhood and their fun colors and patterns were scientifically designed to help Riley see better. Plus, they don’t mold like other bath toys! 

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Should I get it?

Yes! So many of our bath toys get mold and these have not!


  • The toys don’t have holes in them so they don’t get moldy.
  • Each toy has a unique.
  • Artistic design. 


  • none!

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