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Editor's Review

Drift off to dreamland with the soothing melodies, sounds, stories, and light projections of the CloudBox Storyteller. Ideal for children between the ages of birth and 8, this unique storyteller and nightlight plays 36 original stories in both English and Spanish with synchronized light projections, white noises, and soothing melodies. You can even make custom recordings. 

To listen to a story, turn the left knob to select a character: sheep, fawn, lion, turtle, elephant, dragon, unicorn, little girl, or little boy. Now, use the right knob to select the environment: star, forest, ocean, or village. The environment you choose will also dictate which color light lights up, although the light patterns will automatically change to match the action in each story. Each character has four stories, and you can follow along with one of them inside the included illustrated storybook. If you want to switch from English to Spanish, just flip the switch on the bottom of the device.

If you turn the left knob to the music note icon, then select one of the four environments, you can listen to music. There are two melodies in each environment, and they play for 20 minutes.

Turn the left knob to the leaf icon, then select one of the four environments to hear different nature sounds. Each environment has two sounds that play for 20 minutes.

To record your own custom story or sound, select the book icon with the left knob, and then select one of the four environments. Press both knobs at the same time and release. You’ll hear a “beep” to confirm that recording has started. There’s a small microphone to the upper left of the left knob, and it’s recommended that you speak clearly into it from a distance of four to five inches. When you’re done, press either knob to stop the recording. You can record a story for each of the four environments, and each recording must be shorter than eight minutes. To playback your recording, select the book icon and one of the four environments, then press the “play” button. 

In any mode, two knobs on the side control volume and light brightness. The device also has a 3.5 mm headphone jack. To recharge the CloudBox, use the included USB cable.

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Should I get it?

This nightlight and storyteller comes with a lot of built-in content, and we like that parents have the option to record their own content, as well. The stories are a great addition to a bedtime routine, and the sounds and songs along with the light projections help soothe children to sleep, especially kids who are afraid of the dark. With so many options, this is a device that will grow with your child.


36 stories
4 light projections
8 nature sounds
8 melodies
Option to add custom recordings
Plays stories in Spanish
Comes with a storybook
Easy to use
Grows with your child


There were a few typos in the storybook

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