TruBliss Nurture Bassinet Review

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Editor's Review

You can sleep soundly at night knowing your baby is in a safe sleeping space if you purchase the TruBliss Sweetli Nurture Bassinet.  The Nurture comes in three colors: Grey Melange, Clay Melange, and  Denim Melange. We’re reviewing the Grey Melange one today. This bassinet is for babies up to 18 pounds; if your child is pushing up on their knees, stop using it. It comes with a sheet that’s machine washable. The Nurture has an extra-deep, fully-covered sleeping area and it comes with a padded, vinyl-covered foam mattress pad. The mesh sides provide added visibility so you can watch your little one as they sleep. The canopy is adjustable and removable, and its two compartment storage basket can hold your baby’s diapers, bottle, etc. Its four locking casters allow for easy movement from room to room so you can place your baby anywhere in your home. The LCD screen monitors the temperature and humidity of your baby’s room. Keeping your baby’s room cool, but comfortable is one way to maintain a safe sleep environment. Its feeding timer can help to remind and be set at intervals that work for different schedules so you don’t have to set a separate alarm for your baby’s feedings. Its Play2Sleep™ Mobile features many options to help soothe and comfort your baby as it includes music, twinkling lights, spinning deluxe toys, vibration and a soft-glow night light. The mobile and monitors require four AA batteries that are not included. The temperature reading for the room was a game changer because in the summertime it gets really hot and this is the perfect way to make sure any room is the perfect temperature for Ryder. Also, the basket underneath the bassinet was great to hold the wipes, changing pad, and diapers. I loved the wheels on it because we could move the bassinet from room to room. The mobile gave Ryder something to look at and we loved the complete mesh sides as it gave us access to Ryder whenever we wanted. However, it doesn’t come with batteries so I had to go out and buy some.

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We absolutely loved that there was a temperature reading on the bassinet, it was a unique feature you don’t normally find on a bassinet.


  • It’s easy to move around the house.
  • The temperature reading lets you set the perfect temperature for your baby at any time.
  • The basket allows you to have all of your baby’s things in a snap. 


  • It doesn’t come with batteries.

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