Tiny TV Classics: Jaws and Jurassic Park Review

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Editor's Review

Tiny TVs are small collectibles that are sure to be a hit with cinephiles out there. Each one has its own unique sculpt, based on the era that the movie is from. For example, the Jaws model has a stand, brown retro casing, dials, and rabbit ears. Meanwhile, Jurassic Park’s Tiny TV has a uniform boxy grey plastic body with buttons and an entertainment center. Even the little remotes match the temporal aesthetic!

Tiny TVs are pre-loaded with 12 iconic scenes from their respective films. You can either use the buttons on the tv to operate it, or be a cool guy and use the remote. Press power to turn the TV on, use the channel buttons to change the scene, and the volume buttons to adjust the volume. This may seem obvious, but honestly it’s impressive that you have a functioning TV and remote in such a small package. The small size means you can display a bunch of them together, and you very well might, because there are lots of Tiny TVs to collect. Overall, this is a super cute idea, and very well produced.

Tiny TV Classics: Jaws and Jurassic Park

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Tiny TVs are fun to collect and fun to use! They look great on display, and make a great gift for friends on special occasions.

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