Relative Insanity 2nd Generation Game Review

Editor's Rating


Editor's Review

Relative Insanity is a game for 4 to 12 players and is for ages 14 and up. That age rating is well deserved because there’s plenty of humor in this game that will go over a youngin’s head. Start by distributing 7 Punchline Cards face down to each player. The owner of the game will draw and read aloud the first Setup Card. This will be a prompt such as “While I was cooking, I looked at my Dad and thought…” or “Donna eased over to me in the kitchen and whispered.” A nice softball prompt. Each player selects what they think is the funniest or most amusing punchline card to accompany the setup, and plays it face down. The Setup player shuffles the cards and then reads each one aloud. They’ll select the one they like the most, and whoever played that card gets to keep the setup card for that round. Repeat this process clockwise until one player collects 5 setup cards, winning the game!

The 2nd Generation version of the game boasts 400 new punchline and 100 new setup cards, so even if you own the original, there’s plenty of new content here to enjoy, once again plucked from the mind of comedian Jeff Foxworthy. His flavor of humor definitely comes across in every card.

Relative Insanity 2nd Generation Game

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Should I get it?

We highly recommend this game if you and your family enjoy game nights and enjoy the comedic stylings of Jeff Foxworthy.


  • It’s chock full of new jokes, both in set up and punchlines.
  • The possibilities are nearly endless with the high amount of cards.
  • As few as 4 and as many as 12 can play at once.
  • The game rules are easy to learn. Plus, each round is different, since the judge is constantly changing.


  • The only consideration is that while the humor does generally hit and is funny, it’s a very specific brand of humor. You either like it or you don’t.

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