Polly Pocket Mama & Joey Kangaroo Purse Review

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Editor's Review

Have animal fun on the go with the Polly Pocket Mama & Joey Kangaroo Purse. This purse and playset is shaped like a kangaroo with a plush pocket on the front that holds a baby. Remove the baby and open it up, and you’ve found a mini compact playset. There’s even more to explore inside the bigger compact. What baby animal will you find in the egg? The upstairs nursery has two rocking cribs. Pull down the pink door to give the animals a bath in the bathroom. You can even attach the Pop and Swap toilet! There’s a see-saw and two slides for playtime. The playset comes with two dolls (Polly and her unnamed friend), plus seven animal figures, a highchair, and two baby bottles. 

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The dolls and accessories will inspire a lot of nurturing pet play. We like that some of the accessories are Pop and Swap, which means they stay in place during play. This is a really cute playset that kids will have fun wearing as a purse and playing with. 


Two playsets

Wear the playset like a purse

Pop and Swap accessories stay in place during play

Two dolls

Seven animal figures

Imaginative play



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